Eat Your Burger, Make It Count

Before I get flamed grilled for this “literally”. Here is a disclaimer. A burger is only healthy, depending on what you’re eating. Sounds simple enough, right? Not really. That’s the illusion.

If you’re anything like me, you’d probably love to eat.

Heck, even live to eat!

When I first got started in my weight loss journey which is something like few years ago, I got so nervous about loading up calories or the mythical eating as little fat or calories as I can. This is utterly an opposite of most of scientific weight loss and nutrition advice on a professional basis.

How do you eat that burger and still lose weight?

You want to ensure 3 things when you are on a Cheat Week. By the way, cheat week means you eat certain comfort foods and yet be able to burn it all within the span of the same day or so.

Point #1: Identify The Ingredients In Your “Cheat Food”

Being diligent in your food ingredient or content is not the same as being picky. I’ve seen picky eaters eat nothing but either just a piece of item that doesn’t contribute a single nutritional value.

When you sit down and look at your menu or the item being served, observe if you see core elements, like vegetables, complex carbs like wholewheat, grains, or beans. Did I say meat is good for you? Yeah, meat is good,  like nutritionally good.

Point #2: Whole Food or Processed Food

Almost anything in this modern age calls for fast food. What I mean is canned foods, foods out of a bag, plastic or packaging in the supermarket or store. You know, the kind that tastes good and heats up on the microwave ready to eat in 3 minutes.

More bluntly put, there are foods like sausages, burger patties or fillets that are pre-processed at factory level. A factory isn’t a bad thing as we need efficient production. It’s the economic profit driver that companies pump preservative and/or excessive amounts or sodium or enriched minerals (really more like fake nutrition) into the products.

Now, closer to home, if that burger patty speaks to you and tell you, “Hey, I’m organic or I am made from mostly whole meat and non-processed”. Then, that’s when you go for the bite.

Point #3: Go Light On Sauce

Hold on. I don’t mean you should restrict yourself. Just remember the idiom or the processed foods. Tomato Ketchup or Chili Sauce or Mustard, whatever should be taken just no more than a tablespoon.

Unless the chef (aka your loved one), tells you it’s made from scratch, eat it first and ask later. You don’t want to get a spanking, do you?

In all seriousness, learn to depend more on DIY or homemade sauces or dressing on your burger. I DIY my own dressing for lunches on my sandwich. It’s relatively simple and still packs a tasty punch.

There you have it.

One last thing, if you go for a burger, make every calories count, go bonkers!

The least you can do is work it out like a horse later!

The First Thing You Need, Before Losing Weight

We all want to get started quickly in our weight loss journey. Buy a couple of nutritional items, gears and other neat gadgets. These days I am increasingly being self-aware. By that I would encourage you to adopt this mantra.

“Love Family. Eat Well. Stay Fit.” 

Those are my 3 pillars that I built my health journey on.

Solid foundations.


The Bible says that we are wise when we build our foundation upon a rock. Not on shifting sand or shaky ground. If we build it right (on the rock), then the waves or storms in life won’t wash what we built away.

You are only as good as your starting point. Your first step in weight loss should never be taken lightly, it sets the tone and the foundation of all your steps along the way.

The first step to ensuring lasting success in weight loss is not an NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) driven solution. It is not even a solution. It is the key to most of your items in life. We’re going big here.

Stay with me for a moment. I’m not about to sell you anything.

But this is just as important as me, Vern How wanting to sell this foundation to you strongly.

If you’re able to guess it, the first one is this.

Love Family. This is your 1st foundation. 

I know it sounds a little sketchy at this point. Hear me out. Everything rises and falls on family. The keyword is “Love”. Get it? It’s a little sensitive here love is such a broad word but it’s to feel cared for, secure and confident.

Who Is Family?

By now, you’d probably wonder who is your family. It’s easy if you’re a parent, a son, daughter, brother, sister, wife, husband, girl friend or boy friend. What if you’re neither of those? Look around you, your closest friends and your spiritual or institutional affiliated people whom you have a relationship with.

Those are your family, so you’d never have this sense of doubt. Someone who loves you and cares for you and you care about them too. That’s family. I can identify with having a dysfunctional family.

You got to look beyond the four walls of your room and think bigger. Even a mentor or a coach could be your family. They care about you. Maybe not for an entire lifetime, as seasons change but enough to carry you through this current season in your life.

Why Should I Get It Right With Family?

Like all things even in your career or in doing a project, you need team support. That not only gives you external motivation and encouragement. It also provides a sense of belonging.

Someone you can tell your frustrations and your goals. I’ll take a moment here and emphasize that stating your goals clearly in your weight loss journey is important. Speaking them out to your family is even more important. They keep you accountable and know you as a person.

Your family support and love foundation get your heart and mind in the right place. A place of peace and joy. When I say that, I mean it’s a sense of, you know there’s someone you can count on when no one believes in you.

They might not walk the path, but they can give you a strong headstart and few positive pushes along the way.

How To Get Your Family To Support Your Weight Loss Journey?

Good question. Let’s pretend for a moment, I’m sitting in the same room as you and we’re just talking. You’re telling me about how your family is challenging.

Heck, if they’re still around and they’re fairly non-abusive (if they are, please write to me so I can help you).

Deal? Good.

I’m going to give it to you straight up. No fluff. The only way you can get love or support is to give it first. What? Yes, let me explain. Your only asset and I mean ONLY, is TIME. It’s the only limited resource you have on earth.

If you’re young and energetic, great! But if you’re a working adult of between 25-38 or 49-56 or even 57-68 and beyond, you know you don’t have much time in your hands.

You’re usually busy at your career, job, work or activities in life that takes up your plate of time throughout your 24 hours in a day. Giving TIME is the greatest act of love and investment.

My Personal Devotion To My Family

I typically schedule in at least 2 solid hours in a day with my family regardless of the day’s venture. On a usual weekday business, I put aside 2 rock solid hours to be with them 100%. When I’m with my wife, daughter or parents – I don’t do any TV, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever.

It takes discipline and focus to be present. So I put my phone away for those 2 solid hours and just hang out with them and be present.

There was a video recently that resonated with me, where Vin Diesel spoke about his long time best friend and co-actor Paul Walker. These two were as tight as birds in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I love the plots! Now back to the story.

Vin Diesel told Paul in his artist trailer that he has a big secret and no one knows, “he was about to have a baby with his wife (about to give birth)”. So, Paul told him this;

“Vin, there will be some tough guys circling outside the delivery ward telling you not to go in and just stay outside. But you go in and be with your wife and you cut that cord. Be there, be present, go all in.” 

Don’t quote me, that was almost exactly what Paul gave as an advice to Vin.

Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened in Vin Diesel’s life,and he never regretted it. It’s what he actually told the interviewer.

Be Present. Love Family. 

3 Uncommon Truths About Eggs

You see it everywhere these days, the choices vary from differing colors white, beech and even comes in a variety of sizes. Add to that a good combination of “enriched nutrients” as a choice during your grocery shopping sprees.


On a public perspective, we’ve been told countless times on the idea to “neurologically program” ourselves that eggs are bad for you. Let’s skip even the narrative about eating everything in moderation. Directly to the 3 Uncommon Truths About Eggs, shall we?

Truth #1: Eating Eggs Doesn’t Give Us A “Higher Cholesterol”

Hand up if you fell into this cliche word before? Yes, we’re here to debunk that. A study within the British Medical Journal tell us very specifically that taking 7 eggs a week (thats like 1 egg a day or 2 eggs every 2 days) doesn’t raise our cholesterol levels.

Instead, if you’re already balancing this with your other good intake of complex-carbs, high-fiber diet, it just won’t affect your cholesterol level at all. [BMJ 87;294(6568):333-336].

Truth #2: Eggs Helps With Your Blood Stream

I bet you that if no one actually told you this, you’d probably be giving into the myth of eating just the whites alone. Sure the whites contain the majority of the protein.

However, it is the yolk that contains the essential nutrients we need Omega-3 dats, vitamins A, D, E and K. folate, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, caroteniods, B5, B6, B12. For the sake of simplicity, let’s zoom in at Choline.

Choline really is a component of lecithin. It has a positive effect on cholesterol! How it works, is that choline keeps cholesterol in your bloodstream to continue moving. Due to this, your arterial walls are intact and protected from any short term damage.

So,  it gives a big, helping hand in terms of your blood stream and arterial health.

Truth #3: Choose A Non-Fancy Egg For Nutrients

I’m all for nutrients. How do you hunt for a good choice of nutrients – egg-wise? Easy. If a hen  eats a good natural diet, then the Omega-3 fat content will be in a good quantity.

Hunting it down the grocery aisle, like what we’ve spoken thus far shouldn’t be complicated. Anything saying “enriched Omega-3 eggs”,  please skip that selection. Companies actually add in Omega-3 by adding processed oils the hen’s feed.

Doesn’t something cry, “foul” here? 

Now, imagine you are strolling down at your local grocers, you’ll know for sure, “enriched” sounds strange. What we should go for is either pick a local farmer or just go with the regular eggs.

There you go, next time someone says, “oh eggs are bad for you or something in that context”, keep calm and eat your egg. 

Truth on High Fat, Low Carb Diets (Part 2)

Let’s begin from where we left of, we were talking about Carbohydrates. I’ve heard this before countless times at certain dinner tables. You may have ‘health nut friends’ talk about it as a sin or some kind of food for the ones with able-bodied capacity or appetite to chunk it down.

*buzzer sounds* Not entirely accurate. Here’s Why. 

Carbohydrate is such a generic term being used it’s a wonder why there’s a myriad of 1,001 things found on the internet yet not much clarity be gained. The reason is Carb is such an easier word to use in today’s lingo.

Like we said, we become fat not because of just carbs alone. It’s the elements of the carb itself or example sugar. Carb is generally a part of chemical classes.

Our foods compose of these chemical classes – Fat, Protein, Carbs.

There are in fact 3+1 categories that make up Carbs:

  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Starch
  • and Complex Carbs

I’ll go into deeper understanding for that matter but if you’re in a rush, I reveal this in my email on tips of eating to get skinny. If you got a little more time, let me dive in real quick.

According to medical research dated all the way back in 1958, it was indeed proven that reduction of carbs would aid weight loss. Milk lovers say hurrah! You can practically stop buying low fat milk.

Unfortunately, in this digital age of data technology, more and more people are sold on the idea of cutting down on calories and fat intake. I’m here to clear this confusion.

calorie table

Consider the Calorie table. So, we all know that calorie is a unit of energy that allows our body to function. Move, much like an engine does.

What we don’t already know or is in the common database is that, in we need to satisfy our hunger pangs (our body’s way of groaning for energy).

Fill that with low calorie foods instead of high calorie foods. I’ll explain more in a minute.

Let’s stay on track.

We’re running short on time, so basically, if you consider yourself real fat and are guilt conscious because of all those carbs you’re consuming. Try replacing it instead with fat and protein instead of starch and sugar. This action will result in your body drawing energy from the “stored” or excess fat around your belly, arms, bums, whatever.

However, if you STILL cannot ignore the cravings and the though that fasting or going cold turkey on carbs will be like a mental suicide.


Carb lovers rejoice. I’m here to preach to you! 

Yes, I do enjoy a good carb like pasta as well. So, this is like the meat of the meat of this post.

Firstly, I’ve already mentioned carbs are merely a chemical class that exists in any food we ingest into our bodily systems. You may have seen breads in the supermarket or grocers stating “low glycemic index”. Yes, those are to tell you that they may not spike your sugar blood levels and prevents triggering of cravings that make you want more sugar and to gain weight.

Choose the good carbs. Low carbs to be doesn’t mean less carb. Let’s get this straight. Instead of Low, Let’s change that to S-L-O-W.

Slow-burning carbs are foods such as beans and grains that are rich in complex carbohydrates. Did you read that? I mean whole grains will aid you in your weight loss journey.

Your goal would be to aim for natural slow carbs such as whole grains, peas, beans, fruits and vegetables. These food items consists of dietary fiber. They are also complex carbs.

Man shall not eat by White Bread Alone. 

Amazing discovery in complex carbs.

Whole grains contain all parts and nutrients from the whole original grain seed. The entire structure of the grain’s:

  • Bran – Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Germ – Consists of antioxidants, vitamins B and E, good fat
  • Endosperm – complex carbs and proteins

Avoid white bread at all costs, because the germ and the bran of the kernel gets stripped off during the factory or mill processing lines. You want to lose weight and keep the nutrition, so take whole grains bread or whole wheat. It works, now you know why they got that “whole grain” label in the store.

Bonus Tip for the middle age persons. 

According to a study by the American  Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nov 2004, a total of 72,000 men’s health records revealed that among those who ate 40 grams (like a cup of espresso in volume) of whole grains (such as oatmeal) per day reaped awesome benefits. What Benefit?

Benefit of Cutting Middle Age Weight Gain by up to 3.5 Pounds!

If you’ve want to know what I typically practice for my weight loss meal intake and regimes, I’d encourage you to join my newsletter so that you don’t miss out on latest updates!

Truth on High Fat, Low Carb Diets (Part 1)

salmon-grill-zuchini-resized-1It went like this. A real buddy of mine shared this with me, “so I’m following this diet called…“.

Take a look around online or offline, people are just exploding with this word in their mouths. Sure, there are just great advice and diet plans all around.

However, Lean or skinny diets or any other diets is just overrated. Seriously. Do you want to follow those plans and truly say “Heck, yeah I enjoy it too much I want to  do this for my lifetime”?

A better question would be, “What do I understand from this plan and what are the steps I truly believe in and enjoy the most?”. You’re at my website “Word of Health”.

Now, I’m on a quest to U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D the simple disciplines and foundations to great personal mind and body health. Sure, there are many other disciplines, right now in this world of vanity and that everybody wants to look like a sexy Hollywood superstars or to having a nice Korean movie star dude or girl – I’m going to focus this.

At least until the word of health is clear.

Losing weight not that hard. It just takes understanding and wisdom.

True to the essence of our title here, I’m going to focus on the first word “High Fat“.

If you’re smart enough, the first word High just rings an alarm. First of all there isn’t enough definition what is high, the scale the measurements or the density of what just defines this in context to it’s neighbor F-A-T.

You’re going to be thinking right now that Fat is an evil word, it’s not. Neither is Fat an angelic harmony on weight loss in itself. What we put into the word Fat, is paramount to it’s corresponding definition.

I have an email out to my subscribers about the Psychology on Fat, here we will cover over 4 different kinds of fats in our meals or diets. Then, we will find out what exactly we need in our daily nutritional requirements.

  • Saturated Fat
  • Polyunsaturated Fats
  • Monounsaturated Fat
  • Trans Fat

You already know Transfat is a bad fat. So,  why not move first to the top 3.

Saturated Fat

Start with a good statement our fellow Norwegians, eats a lot of saturated fat such as margarine, ironically have fewer critical life threatening heart blood coagulation’s that leads to stroke, heart attacks and so forth.

On the other side of the world however, New Zealanders eat little and therefore have a higher scale of heart disease risks. So, good to heart, check. Don’t run out and buy margarine yet. Ask yourself.

Where are saturated fats found?

They’re mainly found in the organs of grass-fed animals and some types of fish, like wild-caught salmon, contains vitamins that activate fat absorption. These vitamins are  Vitamins A, D and K2. The animal form of vitamin K are the fat-soluble activators. As you can guess, by the margarine, it feels like butter is on the list.

Yes, you’re right.

  • wagyu or in general fatty beef,
  • lamb
  • pork (is a nice sweet meat)
  • chicken (keep the skin on, yes)
  • lard (pork fat)
  • butter
  • cheese

You look at it and say meat and daily products. These categories have the highest levels of saturated fats. Plant based origins have saturated fat too, so plant based oils like palm oil, coconut oil – these are in a bonus, no cholesterol.

One thing though, remember that any processed plant oil isn’t a good idea. If it says hydrogenated. Put it back on the shelf and walk away. It’s also a good note to keep your consumption at a minimum.

You still need this, portion about 2 cube chunks of butter would do.

Polyunsaturated Fats

Not widely known and a long tail word in itself. I’d like to have the privilege to break this down to you. Basically, polyunsaturated fats are made up of carbon chains and they have 2 or more bonds. That being said the 2 categories of polyunsaturated fatty acids also known as PUFA, are omega-3 and omega-6.

It gets more interesting. That carbon chain? Imagine that you want to know the difference between the start of that chain and the 1st double bond. 6 means a longer distance and 3 is shorter.

Typically we want to be balanced but I’d take a pick and you’d do better with omega-3’s if you are aiming to lose weight. Just to be specific under the polyunsaturated fats there are:

  • Omega-6, naturally occurring in seed and vegetable oils such as walnuts, sunflower, canola oil, pumpkin, chia seeds, some nuts such as peanuts oil.
  • Omega-3, sourced mainly from egg yolks, macadamia nuts, flaxseed oil, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardine (go slow with them canned ones though)

Think requirement, when you are taking in polyunsaturated fats. Inevitably, since they are all consumed naturally, I’ll quote to say peanut butter is fine but control that or balance with taking sources where you could get omega-3’s to balance it off.

Monounsaturated Fat

Of the 3, this is like the opposite of the polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated oils are much more stable (hardy) and can be used for low-heat cooking. There’s a slight similarity but it’s different, it lacks 2 hydrogen’s.

Monounsaturated fats measure up real high on vitamin E and other antioxidants. You’ll get glowing, good loking skin, however, a more crucial benefit would be lower diabetes risk, breast cancer risk, reduced pain
in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

My favourite, more notably, monounsaturated fats should be your top list because, it’ll aid you in weight loss and reduce belly fat. If you want abs, this is the way you should go.

You can find monounsaturated fats in our common produce and groceries such as avocados, peanut butter, olives, certain kinds of fish, and seeds and nuts like pecans, cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

If you should notice until now, we can also get this in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A big win if you’re a sandwich, salad or Italian food lover, you’ll get loads of olive oil in those cuisines.

Yes, don’t indulge on monounsaturated fats, instead have great respect this big bother.

Finally, we go to…

Trans Fats (Avoid at all cost!)

It doesn’t take long for you to immediately say this is the “bad guy” fats. Yes, it certainly is something you should avoid. Another word for the resulting trans fat comes from hydrogenation. This term means to solidify or artificially add hydrogen to vegetable oil.

Hydrogenated and trans fats are kind of in our food supply chain by now, crackers, cookies, pastries or even every fried street snack or stall fried stuff.

When shopping it’s just easy to see if there’s any trace of hydrogenated oils in the product labels. Avoiding trans fats is not 100% certainly in every items you buy or eat. It’s challenging but do your very best and you’ll make it.

Now, you have a good grasp of fats, the term high fats meaning get the right balance and category into your food consumption. Just don’t overdo it if you’re watching your weight, don’t starve yourself either!

Do you want to find out the other half of the equation in the Myth of high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet?

The other half has an in between and other end. Here’s a Teaser!

High Protein & Low Carbohydrate Diet”,

Protein, yeah I’ll expand on that, Carbs, we need to get it right first, my friend. Carbs consist of sugar, fiber and starch. Stay tuned.

See you in part 2. God Bless!