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Digital Health

Sneak Peek in Up- and- Coming Digital Technologies Today



1. Lower blood pressure: Omron Evolv

A blood pressure monitor that’s wireless and portable, available on iOS and Android devices. This gadget will eliminate heart attacks and is clinically accurate, a definite recommendation from doctors and pharmacists!

2. Fitbit

A natural cure for health and fitness is physical activity. The Fitbit is a wearable watch that tracks your sleep and daily activity, so you are more aware of your routine to engage in a healthier lifestyle. The new OS 2.1 update allows quick text messaging replies only available on the Android phone with additional improvements and features.

3. AdhereTech: “Smart pills” Reminder

A cognitive connection between color and technology? This innovation is a smart pill bottle that sends real-time alerts to users notifying them when to take their medicine. If it’s blue, the user is noted to take the medication, and red indicates that the patient still yet has to take their medication and are reminded via text or phone call.  

4. Thrive on ThriveOn!

An application called ThriveOn offers all the resources you need in one location! It’s just a phone call or message away to outreach to numerous service providers. This is the next bridge of information gap between the older generations and the growing technology that exists today. Some features include:

  • CPAs and tax professionals.
  • Senior living facilities.
  • Caregivers and in-home nurses
  • Mental Health Facilities
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Financial Advisors




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