3 Uncommon Truths About Eggs

You see it everywhere these days, the choices vary from differing colors white, beech and even comes in a variety of sizes. Add to that a good combination of “enriched nutrients” as a choice during your grocery shopping sprees.


On a public perspective, we’ve been told countless times on the idea to “neurologically program” ourselves that eggs are bad for you. Let’s skip even the narrative about eating everything in moderation. Directly to the 3 Uncommon Truths About Eggs, shall we?

Truth #1: Eating Eggs Doesn’t Give Us A “Higher Cholesterol”

Hand up if you fell into this cliche word before? Yes, we’re here to debunk that. A study within the British Medical Journal tell us very specifically that taking 7 eggs a week (thats like 1 egg a day or 2 eggs every 2 days) doesn’t raise our cholesterol levels.

Instead, if you’re already balancing this with your other good intake of complex-carbs, high-fiber diet, it just won’t affect your cholesterol level at all. [BMJ 87;294(6568):333-336].

Truth #2: Eggs Helps With Your Blood Stream

I bet you that if no one actually told you this, you’d probably be giving into the myth of eating just the whites alone. Sure the whites contain the majority of the protein.

However, it is the yolk that contains the essential nutrients we need Omega-3 dats, vitamins A, D, E and K. folate, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, caroteniods, B5, B6, B12. For the sake of simplicity, let’s zoom in at Choline.

Choline really is a component of lecithin. It has a positive effect on cholesterol! How it works, is that choline keeps cholesterol in your bloodstream to continue moving. Due to this, your arterial walls are intact and protected from any short term damage.

So,  it gives a big, helping hand in terms of your blood stream and arterial health.

Truth #3: Choose A Non-Fancy Egg For Nutrients

I’m all for nutrients. How do you hunt for a good choice of nutrients – egg-wise? Easy. If a hen  eats a good natural diet, then the Omega-3 fat content will be in a good quantity.

Hunting it down the grocery aisle, like what we’ve spoken thus far shouldn’t be complicated. Anything saying “enriched Omega-3 eggs”,  please skip that selection. Companies actually add in Omega-3 by adding processed oils the hen’s feed.

Doesn’t something cry, “foul” here? 

Now, imagine you are strolling down at your local grocers, you’ll know for sure, “enriched” sounds strange. What we should go for is either pick a local farmer or just go with the regular eggs.

There you go, next time someone says, “oh eggs are bad for you or something in that context”, keep calm and eat your egg. 

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