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Contributor Guidelines

Have something to share on your word of health? Great! You can send us your original articles, stories, and videos to for an opportunity to be featured on our blog. You don’t need to be an expert blogger or professional writer, your opinion is all that matters. Remember, to write with the reader’s interest in mind! Here is a list of ideas you can write about or create videos:

  1. Personal healthcare story (i.e. experience you have regarding healthcare, a family member, overcoming obstacles, lifestyle changes, etc.)
  2. Digital health & technology
  3. Fitness/ exercise advice, personal experiences, news (i.e. yoga, meditation, gym, fitness classes, sports, etc.)
  4. Information on health diseases / Recent scientific research updates / social issues (i.e. diabetes, mental health, motherhood, chronic pain, public health issues, etc.)
  5. Cooking recipes
  6. Travel videos and posts

If you have any further questions, email us at We will review your articles as soon as possible. Original contents may be edited or clarified if needed and will be sent to the contributor for their information.


Please follow the guidelines in regards to your original article:

  • The article should not be published earlier or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • Word count: 300-800 words
  • No plagiarism
  • Copyright permissions for free images, audios, or videos (send in the video links as a URL)
  • Include all references and sources links (hyperlink or attachments)
  • No promotion of third party sources are allowed
  • Email format
    • Subject line: FirstnameLastname_Title
    • Introduce yourself to us! Please include a brief background of yourself in the email body so that we can learn a little more about you.
    • Attach any content as a link or URL