Eating To Lose Weight, Really?

If you’ve been following my eBooks, emails and even tweets, I’m a person who likes to eat.

Specifically good tasting food. What does all this have to do with losing weight? Until recently, I’ve never really had a diet and fitness plan that worked quite effectively for me.

For the majority of us, losing weight is a daunting task by itself not just by being discouraged when we go to the gym. It is also the hopeless feeling of giving up our favorite comfort foods and having to eat less.

Not entirely true.

Plus, you’d be glad to know I don’t exactly count my calories either (as long as you know some basic foods you need to have regularly).

Let’s get right to it.

3 foundations to losing weight while eating: 

  1. Our regular food has to taste great, nutritious and simple
  2. Our meals inspire a pattern of healthy eating
  3. Get rapid results, and keep them

That’s really about it.

Now, the industry standard has been to pump out low-fat or non-fat products. That’s not our focus here, I do cover them in my tips and advice upon subscription, but we just want a quick draw foundational run in this session.

Foundation #1: Food Has To Taste Great, Nutritious and Simple

This 1st foundation has 3 elements to it, so I’ll make an attempt to dissect it to the best I know according to my take on it, alright.

Now, I’m no connoisseur but I sure know what food taste great just by both looking at it and really tasting it per my palate.

In order for you and me to experience great tasting food, we need to unlearn and re-learn.

Unlearn and re-learn what?

You might be running on limited time through your day and you clock your favorite fast food joint just to “fuel up”. Our palate or tongue has micro taste buds, they send taste signals to our brain.

Unconsciously, we are trained that quick food is great in taste, and we want more.

You need to retrain your taste buds to consume less calories, saturated fat, sugar, refined grain, sodium in our meals. Of which, fast food set meals tend to be overly packed with those unwanted ingredients as above.

Retraining our palate means to get less of the “bad food” tastes and start to taste and relive the pleasure of eating “good food” that just taste as equally good. For example (I’m not asking you to go vegan, just a guideline), if you like that greasy take out beef patty burger, how about opting instead for few chunky portobello mushroom as an alternative?

Nutritious and simple are just two words but think of the power of that thought. Keep them in your mind and you’ll always be health conscious and never go hungry!

The two are inseparable. For a snack option, you want something filling right?

You could take 2 slices of low GI whole grain bread and spread on them organic or unsalted natural peanut butter (non-hydrogenated oil) – you know those peanut butter that has an oil separation in the bottle.

Foundation #2: Meals That Inspire A Pattern of Healthy Living 

This is a little tricky since healthy living is an already loosely coined term. What we want to achieve is to understand that the term living means dynamic, active and regular.

In short, our everyday meals is the pattern we teach ourselves to live by.

Think of it this way, let’s change your habit. Let’s inspire you bit by bit, with what? Well, firstly with getting you introduced to some other foods that have the right nutrients in them.

We want to ensure our daily dosage of vitamins, minerals and fiber are adequate.

I’m going to cover it in the near future as I do feel this is a very widely discussed topic.

Yet, it was always challenging to find a specific pointer. How do we get foods that are easy and contains a good combination of our daily nutrient needs?

As a starter, a good combination  of all my recommended healthy meals are regular intakes of one of more of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, bean and legumes. I’ve made them in this order because that’s what I’m doing when I’m doing my meal prep or purchases.

You could customize according to your priority but always before foods gotta be whole and not canned or processed. The latter is most often already stripped bare of any kind of proper nutrients.

Don’t waste your money on non-nutrient providing foods.

Foundation #3: Get Rapid Results,  Keep Them

We are all human with massive feelings of a modern age. That similar trait we share (regardless of how much we have or how little we have) is Instant Gratification.

Before we go on on a tangent where you think I’m going all “NLP” on you, I’m not.

Quite interestingly, in an article in Agence France-Press dated July 14, 2010, a result of a study showed that rapid weight loss actually appears to be better performing than gradual weight loss in getting target weight. Word for word that was what was mentioned by dietitian Katrina Purcell.

Even the Herald Sun published her study in November 21, ,2010.

Essentially, what this means to you is like this.

If you see fast weight loss works, you will remain more motivated and start to intrinsically want to keep going.

I do want you to focus on an important motto of mine which is maintenance. 

Maintenance is key to your everyday ideal weight goals. If you make it a priority to maintain, you will boost your results and see something extraordinary happening in your life.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not asking us to rush or buy the next product that promises a “quick pill solution” or solution. We don’t really know exactly what goes into those products as FDA regulations often gets updated.

So just be excited that there is always a way to get rapid results, but keeping them should be your daily goal.

The Best Way

The best way is to still go natural on the kinds of food you consume. Eat regularly, avoid fasting without a proper certified dietitians help and keep your meals nutritious.

Lastly, load up on water. It’s natures best gift to you.

Have a healthy day ahead!

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