The First Thing You Need, Before Losing Weight

We all want to get started quickly in our weight loss journey. Buy a couple of nutritional items, gears and other neat gadgets. These days I am increasingly being self-aware. By that I would encourage you to adopt this mantra.

“Love Family. Eat Well. Stay Fit.” 

Those are my 3 pillars that I built my health journey on.

Solid foundations.


The Bible says that we are wise when we build our foundation upon a rock. Not on shifting sand or shaky ground. If we build it right (on the rock), then the waves or storms in life won’t wash what we built away.

You are only as good as your starting point. Your first step in weight loss should never be taken lightly, it sets the tone and the foundation of all your steps along the way.

The first step to ensuring lasting success in weight loss is not an NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) driven solution. It is not even a solution. It is the key to most of your items in life. We’re going big here.

Stay with me for a moment. I’m not about to sell you anything.

But this is just as important as me, Vern How wanting to sell this foundation to you strongly.

If you’re able to guess it, the first one is this.

Love Family. This is your 1st foundation. 

I know it sounds a little sketchy at this point. Hear me out. Everything rises and falls on family. The keyword is “Love”. Get it? It’s a little sensitive here love is such a broad word but it’s to feel cared for, secure and confident.

Who Is Family?

By now, you’d probably wonder who is your family. It’s easy if you’re a parent, a son, daughter, brother, sister, wife, husband, girl friend or boy friend. What if you’re neither of those? Look around you, your closest friends and your spiritual or institutional affiliated people whom you have a relationship with.

Those are your family, so you’d never have this sense of doubt. Someone who loves you and cares for you and you care about them too. That’s family. I can identify with having a dysfunctional family.

You got to look beyond the four walls of your room and think bigger. Even a mentor or a coach could be your family. They care about you. Maybe not for an entire lifetime, as seasons change but enough to carry you through this current season in your life.

Why Should I Get It Right With Family?

Like all things even in your career or in doing a project, you need team support. That not only gives you external motivation and encouragement. It also provides a sense of belonging.

Someone you can tell your frustrations and your goals. I’ll take a moment here and emphasize that stating your goals clearly in your weight loss journey is important. Speaking them out to your family is even more important. They keep you accountable and know you as a person.

Your family support and love foundation get your heart and mind in the right place. A place of peace and joy. When I say that, I mean it’s a sense of, you know there’s someone you can count on when no one believes in you.

They might not walk the path, but they can give you a strong headstart and few positive pushes along the way.

How To Get Your Family To Support Your Weight Loss Journey?

Good question. Let’s pretend for a moment, I’m sitting in the same room as you and we’re just talking. You’re telling me about how your family is challenging.

Heck, if they’re still around and they’re fairly non-abusive (if they are, please write to me so I can help you).

Deal? Good.

I’m going to give it to you straight up. No fluff. The only way you can get love or support is to give it first. What? Yes, let me explain. Your only asset and I mean ONLY, is TIME. It’s the only limited resource you have on earth.

If you’re young and energetic, great! But if you’re a working adult of between 25-38 or 49-56 or even 57-68 and beyond, you know you don’t have much time in your hands.

You’re usually busy at your career, job, work or activities in life that takes up your plate of time throughout your 24 hours in a day. Giving TIME is the greatest act of love and investment.

My Personal Devotion To My Family

I typically schedule in at least 2 solid hours in a day with my family regardless of the day’s venture. On a usual weekday business, I put aside 2 rock solid hours to be with them 100%. When I’m with my wife, daughter or parents – I don’t do any TV, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever.

It takes discipline and focus to be present. So I put my phone away for those 2 solid hours and just hang out with them and be present.

There was a video recently that resonated with me, where Vin Diesel spoke about his long time best friend and co-actor Paul Walker. These two were as tight as birds in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I love the plots! Now back to the story.

Vin Diesel told Paul in his artist trailer that he has a big secret and no one knows, “he was about to have a baby with his wife (about to give birth)”. So, Paul told him this;

“Vin, there will be some tough guys circling outside the delivery ward telling you not to go in and just stay outside. But you go in and be with your wife and you cut that cord. Be there, be present, go all in.” 

Don’t quote me, that was almost exactly what Paul gave as an advice to Vin.

Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened in Vin Diesel’s life,and he never regretted it. It’s what he actually told the interviewer.

Be Present. Love Family. 

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