Truth on High Fat, Low Carb Diets (Part 2)

Let’s begin from where we left of, we were talking about Carbohydrates. I’ve heard this before countless times at certain dinner tables. You may have ‘health nut friends’ talk about it as a sin or some kind of food for the ones with able-bodied capacity or appetite to chunk it down.

*buzzer sounds* Not entirely accurate. Here’s Why. 

Carbohydrate is such a generic term being used it’s a wonder why there’s a myriad of 1,001 things found on the internet yet not much clarity be gained. The reason is Carb is such an easier word to use in today’s lingo.

Like we said, we become fat not because of just carbs alone. It’s the elements of the carb itself or example sugar. Carb is generally a part of chemical classes.

Our foods compose of these chemical classes – Fat, Protein, Carbs.

There are in fact 3+1 categories that make up Carbs:

  • Sugar
  • Fiber
  • Starch
  • and Complex Carbs

I’ll go into deeper understanding for that matter but if you’re in a rush, I reveal this in my email on tips of eating to get skinny. If you got a little more time, let me dive in real quick.

According to medical research dated all the way back in 1958, it was indeed proven that reduction of carbs would aid weight loss. Milk lovers say hurrah! You can practically stop buying low fat milk.

Unfortunately, in this digital age of data technology, more and more people are sold on the idea of cutting down on calories and fat intake. I’m here to clear this confusion.

calorie table

Consider the Calorie table. So, we all know that calorie is a unit of energy that allows our body to function. Move, much like an engine does.

What we don’t already know or is in the common database is that, in we need to satisfy our hunger pangs (our body’s way of groaning for energy).

Fill that with low calorie foods instead of high calorie foods. I’ll explain more in a minute.

Let’s stay on track.

We’re running short on time, so basically, if you consider yourself real fat and are guilt conscious because of all those carbs you’re consuming. Try replacing it instead with fat and protein instead of starch and sugar. This action will result in your body drawing energy from the “stored” or excess fat around your belly, arms, bums, whatever.

However, if you STILL cannot ignore the cravings and the though that fasting or going cold turkey on carbs will be like a mental suicide.


Carb lovers rejoice. I’m here to preach to you! 

Yes, I do enjoy a good carb like pasta as well. So, this is like the meat of the meat of this post.

Firstly, I’ve already mentioned carbs are merely a chemical class that exists in any food we ingest into our bodily systems. You may have seen breads in the supermarket or grocers stating “low glycemic index”. Yes, those are to tell you that they may not spike your sugar blood levels and prevents triggering of cravings that make you want more sugar and to gain weight.

Choose the good carbs. Low carbs to be doesn’t mean less carb. Let’s get this straight. Instead of Low, Let’s change that to S-L-O-W.

Slow-burning carbs are foods such as beans and grains that are rich in complex carbohydrates. Did you read that? I mean whole grains will aid you in your weight loss journey.

Your goal would be to aim for natural slow carbs such as whole grains, peas, beans, fruits and vegetables. These food items consists of dietary fiber. They are also complex carbs.

Man shall not eat by White Bread Alone. 

Amazing discovery in complex carbs.

Whole grains contain all parts and nutrients from the whole original grain seed. The entire structure of the grain’s:

  • Bran – Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Germ – Consists of antioxidants, vitamins B and E, good fat
  • Endosperm – complex carbs and proteins

Avoid white bread at all costs, because the germ and the bran of the kernel gets stripped off during the factory or mill processing lines. You want to lose weight and keep the nutrition, so take whole grains bread or whole wheat. It works, now you know why they got that “whole grain” label in the store.

Bonus Tip for the middle age persons. 

According to a study by the American  Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nov 2004, a total of 72,000 men’s health records revealed that among those who ate 40 grams (like a cup of espresso in volume) of whole grains (such as oatmeal) per day reaped awesome benefits. What Benefit?

Benefit of Cutting Middle Age Weight Gain by up to 3.5 Pounds!

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