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List of The Best Health Applications Made Just For You



Are you looking for an app related to tracking your footsteps, maintaining your diet, or searching for your symptoms? Well luckily, there are a great number of apps on the iOS or Android Playstore available for your choosing. The difficulty plays in deciding and differentiating which app most caters to your personal needs.

Below is a list of ten health-related apps that you may or may not have heard of. These apps range from fitness-related apps to mental-health apps. Read and comment below on your personal experiences of the apps you may be looking for or to discover.


Argus is a daily fitness tracking app with pedometer capabilities and calorie tracking. It can pair your other biometric fitness devices such as the Fitbit. The calorie tracking feature has a breakdown of the basic macronutrients of carbs, fat, and protein, but the specific breakdown of the types of sub-nutrients are locked behind a paywall. There is also the option of following different meal plans according to different styles of diets; however, this option is offered only for premium-only subscribers.

Nike Training

Nike Training is a fitness app that has a wide variety of selection for different muscle group you are trying to target. There are premade workouts for you to follow along with and to motivate you, and each exercise and workout has small video demos of a real person demonstrating the exercise. Each activity or workout has an estimated time length, difficulty level, and intensity level so that users can plan how they want to exercise according to their needs. This customizable factor makes it one of the more popular apps available, plus it is attached to the company Nike that has millions of supporting fans existing! 


A fitness exercise app that keeps you invested by having a point system for keeping up a daily regimen. A small little avatar named FRED calculates your points for completing exercises. This external motivator is excellent for those who need additional help to stay on track or meet goals. Also, having a collection of points helps keep people on track of the progress they have made on the app with small videos for each exercise performed.

Lose it!

Lose it! This is a calorie tracker app that has a full pre-registered log of food that has suggested calories for meals. For people who want a simple way to count calories without looking up their food choices online and want to calculate their portion sizes, this app is perfect for saving time and tracking your choices. There are some features locked behind the premium paywall ($30/year) which include tracking different macronutrients, pattern insights to eating, and the ability to set more goals for yourself.

Map my run

Map my run is primarily a running tracking app that utilizes GPS functionality to log your route and track your distance for you. Also, it has gear tracking enabled so you can link your smart shoes to the app and record the run. There is a social network aspect to the app where you can see the community photos and find friends to share your progress with. Having a community is helpful if you need to view other people’s progress and be motivated enough to compete with them.  


This fantastic health tracking app keeps track of your daily calories and also covers a wide list of most foods you may eat! MyFitnessPal allows the user to create custom meals for dishes made at home that is not available on the app. This customizable option of meals helps you keep track of the calories in settings that usually don’t provide access to the caloric count. In addition, it helps save time for you in the future by selecting your custom pre-set food so you don’t have to add the ingredients each time manually.


Couch to 5k is an app that will get you to running 5ks in only two months. It has a fitness plan broken down in easy- to- digest segments for beginners and advanced people alike. You just need to commit three days per week, and the running exercises at the beginning gradually build up your endurance and push you to endure harder exercises at the end. It helps you take small steps to reach your end goal and before you know it, you’ll have developed a habit for life!


Sweatcoin is an app that tracks your steps and uses a high conversion rate to convert your steps into sweatcoins (1000 steps/sweatcoin). Sweatcoin can be redeemed for prizes that range from coupons to things like speakers and iPhones. Sweatcoins are capped at 5 each day and cannot be traded, so it guarantees the user is putting in work for their end reward. With health as a prize in itself, now people can be materialistically be rewarded for their progress. There are even cash prizes that can be redeemed as well. Earning tangible rewards is another external motivator for people who like to work towards goals and keep track of their progress consistently.


Headspace is a meditation app that has a series of recording for resolving problems based on current needs. A smooth calming voice walks you through the process, and afterward you feel refreshed and focused for the rest of the day. It is fantastic for meditating anywhere and anyplace provided, as long as you have headphones. This activity requires little time, as short as under 10 minutes, to reap the full benefits!


Calm is a meditation app that has different styles of meditation. There are different styles of meditation that play pre-recorded audio that walks you through the process of meditation. What is enjoyable about the app is the unique styles of meditation already premade, so you can immediately begin the process without the fuss of scrolling through different topics and trying to figure which one fits your style. You are not limited by what you choose initially and you should try browsing all the styles to see which one works best for you.


Aura is a meditation app that allows you to choose which meditation style you need for that moment. A person will speak and guide you through the process to help you achieve whatever state you required. You can read user reviews of different playlists and find the one that suits you the best. Premium features of this app include life coaching, stories, and music. There is also a community to help share thoughts and feedback on different playlists so you can find people to connect with on your personal journey towards a better mental state.


HIIT Workouts are for people who want to be physically challenged and have a limited amount of time in their day to do so. There are different types of workouts to varying levels of difficulty. You get a virtual trainer who will take you through the exercises and demonstrates the exercises. Most workouts are less than half an hour long, but high-intensity training is meant to get your body moving fast in as little time as possible. With a premium subscription, you can unlock more exercises and customize them as well.


Lifesum is a calorie tracker app that has an extensive list of foods you can record and also has a barcode scanner to make calorie tracking even more convenient. Tracking your food and calories is simple with this app, and you only need to spend a few seconds jotting down your meals, so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Premium features that are available include access to recipe list and tailored meal plan specific to your needs and wants.

Keep: Fitness & Workout Trainer

Keep Training is a fitness tracking app that plans workouts on a timeline for you. By determining your exercise experience level and your goals for fitness, you will be able to download your fitness plan and exercise to take with you without needing to be connected to the internet. The demos in the exercises are amazing in the amount of detail and information given for each exercise. From a video demonstration of the exercise to the pictures of the specific muscles being targeted to common mistakes, you will be able to understand each exercise and the impact it has on your body.


Walking is a fitness app that tracks your walking pace. If you walk often, this app is excellent for keeping track of your steps. Even if you don’t go for frequent walks, you should still consider this app as a low-intensity activity that you can keep up nearly every day. Just walking outside after meals can keep you feeling refreshed and focused on lots of other health benefits. Features that are included after buying a premium subscription include 80+ workouts, 1200+min of vocal training, 70+ weight loss tips, and no ads.

Charity Miles

Run for a good cause! Charity Miles is an active fitness app that allows you to choose a charity you want to donate to and earn money for them by running or biking miles! If you run often, need external motivation, or want an extra incentive besides staying in shape, this app is created just for you. You also have the option to get friends to sponsor your efforts and donate money to your cause.

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5 Apps for Grocery Delivery



During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are practicing social distancing everywhere they go to stay safe and wear face masks. Utilizing apps for grocery delivery can help those who may be sick or are at high risk and are trying to minimize their person-to-person contact.
Here is a list of grocery delivery apps that you can use.


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Walmart’s same-day delivery offers fresh produce, frozen and refrigerated foods. You can use the application on your smartphone or access it on the website. Fees are $9.99 per order and offer other memberships that can be used nationwide. It could be something to consider if using the app at least once per month.
Walmart offers a wide variety of products, and because they don’t outsource their delivery service, the prices are the same as they are in the store.


Link to Source

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that partners with grocery stores to provide delivery from various markets. Customers can expect a wide variety of products to suit all dietary needs.
Some grocery store chains like Kroger have partnered with Instacart to directly provide grocery delivery services through their website or app that is easy for others to use.
Instacart has optional memberships, and delivery starts at $3.99 per order. The application offers same-day delivery.
Instacart personal shoppers can text you while picking your order if any substitutions are needed. You can contact Instacart support through their email or app.


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Similar to Instacart, Shipt is a grocery delivery service that partners with grocery store chains offering delivery from a variety of stores to help meet their customers’ dietary needs.
Locations that Shipt delivers to are select metro areas, mostly across the Eastern United States, and offers same-day delivery.
This application is unique in that it requires a membership to have access to their services. In addition, Target grocery delivery is offered exclusively through Shipt.


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Kroger is partnered with Instacart for its grocery delivery service, but you can place your order through the Kroger app or website. This ensures that you pay the same price as you would in the store or grocery pickup. Kroger also the ship-to-home option in which certain non-perishable foods and household products can be ordered online and shipped to your home. Fees for the Kroger app are $9.95 per order. The app offers same-day delivery and offers its services nationwide. 

Whole Foods

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Whole Foods Market offers customers various organic and natural products with selections, including vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. Since Whole Foods is owned by Amazon, Whole Foods works just like the Amazon Fresh program.
Products selected for delivery may still be marked up compared with in-store prices. Locations for delivery are select large cities, and you can use the app through the Amazon website.


  5. deliveries/id545599256

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Portable X-Ray Receives FDA Clearance for COVID Testing



New forms of COVID-19 testing continue to emerge as companies use innovative techniques to determine if an individual could have the virus. From CRISPR testing approval from the FDA to an automated robot conducting COVID-19 testing, a new method from Aspenstate has just been announced.

A lightweight, portable X-ray system from Aspenstate known as the AiRTouch has received FDA clearance. This form of testing could be beneficial for quickly obtaining chest X-rays from potential COVID-19 patients. The AiRTouch weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5 Kg) and looks like a large touchscreen digital camera. The device takes a picture with a push of a button and can wirelessly transfer the images to a clinical image storage system or PACS without a computer. The battery from AiRTouch can charge within two hours and can obtain up to 300 exposures per charge. 

Link to Source

This portable X-ray system could be useful for quickly obtaining chest X-rays of COVID-19 patients.  According to the company, its portability has already made it useful in drive-through screening centers in South Korea

“Our clients have noticed a dramatic increase in capacity and the ability to move patients through quickly and efficiently,” David Lee, Vice President and COO of Aspenstate, stated. 

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Lee went on to say that the device is very simple to use with the integrated software, and portable features allow the use of the device outside of conventional X-ray resources. The company believes the AiRTouch for chest X-rays for COVID-19 could also be used in urgent care facilities, ambulances, sports medicine, extremities, dental, and veterinary settings

Check out this video on the AiRTouch:



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Safe COVID-19 Testing Performed by Automated Robot



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Medical professionals testing people for COVID-19 usually involves performing a throat swab to collect a sample for processing. Clinicians that are collecting COVID-19 samples from individuals must wear an entire package of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be quite uncomfortable when worn for long periods. Since the expansion of test sampling is now being conducted outside of clinical facilities and with temperatures rising, wearing protective gear can become difficult for clinicians.

In Denmark, a team of robotic engineers at the University of Southern Denmark have designed a machine that can conduct throat swabs automatically without a human clinician present in the facility. The robot reaches into the throat and moves a swab against the selected tissue within. After the sample is collected, it stores the swab into a glass jar and seals the top shut.  

The robot was trained to be gentle, and volunteers who have already been swabbed by the device have reported no discomfort. Further trials are needed to confirm the efficiency of the new machine and to ensure that no malfunction can occur. To help market and manufacture the new robot, the engineers that developed it have started up a company called Lifeline Robotics. The engineers hope to have devices testing people for COVID-19 as early as late June, but the advanced technology is sure to be useful when the pandemic is over. 

Here are some videos to demonstrate how the machine works:



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