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CBD’s Surprising Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Anxiety Effects



Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming more and more popular, and for good reasons too. People are turning to it for its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety properties and seeing exactly how it can benefit them. CBD is a non-psychoactive component that is most commonly found in marijuana. Firstly discovered through tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the effects of such cannabinoids were tested on how they affect cannabinoid receptors in your brain and immune system.

Through scientific studies regarding the effects of CBD on these receptors, varying responses such as immunosuppression and the suppression of the inflammatory response by the body were recognized. These responses can be promising for patients who are recovering from immune-related injuries or those who are suffering from inflammatory diseases. The use of CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent for the regular person can also be discussed as the result of the following study.

Can CBD help out with inflammatory problems?

Long before the study of pure CBD, the effects of marijuana, which contains THC and CBD, has been studied for centuries to treat patients as an alternative medicine for various diseases. With the discovery of specific components in marijuana, CBD was seen as an outlier in the group because of its anti-inflammatory properties. After pure CBD has been extracted, scientists are able to determine the effects of cannabinoid on the human body.

According to a study published in Future Med Chem, CBD was “shown to be effective in protecting endothelial function” and “reversed the harmful effects of high glucose” on endothelial cells. In other words, when CBD was given to a patient, they saw protection in the cells that line a majority of their body. The body was also seen to reduce “reactive oxygen species production by mitochondria,” which is a poison to the body. All in all, the overall effect of CBD was that it protected cells in the body by inhibiting specific processes.

How effective is CBD on treating anxiety?

In today’s modern world, the typical work hours from 8 AM till 5 PM can be stressful. Anxiety is a common disorder that affects 18 percent of the population of the United States every year. Excessive anxiety can become severe and possibly, handicap individuals. Luckily, CBD may provide a solution to those people. CBD is not only used for anti-inflammatory problems but has also been heavily utilized to for its anti-anxiety properties.

It is not uncommon to see a person carry CBD gummies or oil, as it has been seen in the past years of clinical studies to be beneficial. CBD does not carry any of the psychoactive elements that regular marijuana carries, so it is perfect for those who do not want the side effects traditional marijuana provides. In a study conducted in 2015, CBD was found to be a“potential mediator of anxiolytic action,” which targets specific binding sites to reduce anxiety. Now, CBD treatments seem more and more promising.


The Future

It turns out that there can be excellent health benefits to consuming CBD to populations suffering from inflammatory problems or anxiety problems. Multiple studies have backed up preclinical studies about the newly found chemical compound, and new remedies containing CBD is a viable option of medication today. The compound is currently still being studied, but maybe soon there will be a future with CBD in your lives to assist with your immunity.

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Did You Hear About the Woman Who Cannot Hear Men’s Voices?



Remember all the times your parents might have told you not to blast the music so loud? Well, they are right. Surrounding yourself in a noisy environment could eventually lead to a loss of hearing over time, and can increase the possibility for other auditory loss symptoms.

Last week, a woman named Ms. Chen from China was diagnosed with a rare disease called reverse-slope hearing loss. As mentioned first on Daily Mail, she woke up one morning and was unable to hear her own boyfriend’s voice.

This condition affects only about 3,000 people in the U.S. and Canada and is a genetic condition that is unfortunately untreatable. This disease affected the fluid surrounding inner hair cells and was potentially triggered by a sudden viral infection.

The patient is unable to hear low-pitched voices and can only listen to women’s voices that are naturally higher pitched. Also, these patients are unable to hear vowels, which have a low pitch energy that our eardrums cannot perceive.

There is a slight hope if the ear, nose, throat (ENT) specialist could catch the condition overnight and provide a steroid injection, but most conditions are permanent. The patient revealed that she has been under large amounts of stress which may have caused it.

More Information on Reverse- Slope Hearing Loss (RSHL)

This hearing loss mostly affects low-frequency audible noises. It is caused by a dominant gene that affects the inner hair cells, which send messages from outside sounds to the brain.  

Some symptoms include difficulty understanding speech and men’s volume. It is difficult to hear low tuned environmental noises such as the refrigerator humming. Many people who use a hearing aid utilize it to hear higher frequency noises, so it would not be an effective tool for people diagnosed with RSHL. People with this disorder require a different amplification so that they would need different settings.

Photo from Pexels

This rare disease is difficult to treat because not many physicians have encountered this disorder. Although the symptoms are not severe, it is critical to hear low environmental noises, such as a car heading towards you.

There are some starting points to treat RSHL, such as using a digital, multichannel, nonlinear hearing aid. This would amplify lower frequency settings at a level that is comfortable for the patient.


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Is it healthy to sleep with the window open?



Sleeping with the window open is considered to be a fairly popular choice amongst many individuals, especially for those who live in fairly quiet areas. Such a minimal habit you do every night could impact the way you sleep and your overall health.

Keeping a window open can often lead to a cool breeze and some ambient noise that can help to guide people into an even deeper sleep. If you don’t regularly sleep with the window open because it could disturb your slumber, you may want to think ahead to opening the window before you head to sleep tonight.

Some studies are actually showing that opening up a window before you go to bed can have some major health benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why sleeping with the window open can be essential for your health:

  1. Getting a deeper sleep: According to a Dutch sleep study of 17 participants, even a small crack in your window before you go to sleep can often lead to a more restful night. Fresh air as you are falling asleep can help you to fall into a more restful sleep and enjoy better airflow throughout the night. Getting more oxygen can help you feel more rested and this leads to more energy from a regular sleeping cycle.
  2. Less CO2 in your air quality: A room that has better ventilation leads to less CO2 that you will be inhaling throughout the evening. Shutting your doors and windows for privacy and to save energy may not be the healthiest solution for us after all. Improved concentrations of CO2 as we sleep at night can often lead to more allergens in the air, toxins that can affect our immune system, and more.
  3. Reduction in air pollution: Opening up a window can really help with reducing air pollution over time. Getting more air circulating through your home can create a living environment that is much safer for you and your family. Improved air quality can give you more energy through the day and it can cut down on dust throughout your home too.
  4. Potentially help you lose weight: Some experts would suggest that keeping your room just a few degrees cooler can prevent diabetes and obesity. A cooler room can help you to enjoy better sleep which will help you to burn more calories throughout the day. Sleeping in a room that’s a little bit cooler could be a secret that helping you lose weight a bit faster.
  5. Improve your home ventilation: If you regularly rely on your furnace fan to provide you with ventilation through your home, opening up a window could help to improve your indoor air quality. This can lead to better efficiency for your home as well as better overall air quality throughout your property. Rather than the maximum amount of airflow having to go through one conduit, you can make sure that you are getting a better flow of air in and out of your home. Recycling the air will help you enjoy a far better experience in your property, plus cheaper utility cost!

If you are interested in enjoying a far better night’s sleep, consider opening up a window before you go to bed tonight. With consistency and making this a natural habit, you could potentially find great health benefits overtime.

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Top methods for Losing Weight in 2019



Has it been a re-occuring goal each year to lose weight? As we begin to approach 2019, here are a few tips to finally stop stating the goal and actually being consistent with it. Most of us have been in a similar situation and tried to achieve that New Year’s resolution. If you wanted to approach your New Year’s resolution aggressively and lose weight quickly, it’s important to use some of the best modern methods for weight loss. Here are some of the top methods for losing weight in 2019 so that you can accomplish your New Year’s resolution:

  1. Use a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are everywhere now. Almost every smartphone has the capability to track your fitness in some way or another, such as the number of steps. The price of trackers like the Fitbit and Apple Watch has come down considerably and there are plenty of alternative options you can use as well. Using a fitness tracker can really help you to see just how many calories you are burning weekly. The activities that you can link up with this fitness tracker can also be a motivating force to keep you exercising. As an added benefit of fitness trackers, you can work at keeping your heart rate and a good target level for maximum fat burning. If purchasing a fitness tracker is too costly, there are a number of fitness apps you can try as well! 
  2. Try out bodyweight exercises. There is no excuse to not exercise if you do not have a gym membership. Bodyweight exercises could be just as efficient as using weights right in the comfort of your own home. Doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and body squats in a circuit can really help you to improve your fitness results even when you can’t hit the gym that day. As you build up your core strength from bodyweight exercises, you will continue to burn more calories and work towards more advanced forms of these exercises so that you can get more toned.
  3. Hydrate. Download an app to track your water intake or use a water bottle that has a measurement on the side to help you remain well-hydrated throughout the day. Drinking at least 17 ounces of water per day can really help you with your weight loss journey. Water will also help boost your metabolism and it often results in you consuming fewer calories, especially right before mealtime.
  4. Cut carbs and sugars. The popularity of diets like the Paleo diet, Dukan diet, and Keto diet is still extremely high. You can see some of the benefits of these diets by simply adjusting the time where you are commonly consuming sugars and carbs. By cutting out carbs and sugars in the afternoon, you can start to see a big difference in your belly fat. Fiber filled carbs like vegetables or even quinoa can help you improve your insulin levels and change your metabolism.
  5. Increase protein in your diet. If 30% of your diet is made up of proteins, it is likely that you will start to see more calories burned and other nutrients that you might consume. Increasing your protein intake can help to make sure that you’re burning more calories before the end of the day. Proteins can also take much longer to digest ensuring that you can feel fuller over a longer period of time. Choosing some hard-boiled eggs or even vegetable-based proteins over heavy carbs can be a far better choice for appetite control and metabolism improvements.

Consider some of these top tips if you are interested in maximizing your results with weight loss in 2019!

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